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Dengue Fever Pictures

Dengue Fever Pictures

Most common in areas of south east Asia and some parts of Africa, Dengue fever is a virus that is spread by mosquitoes. It has been known to cause very high fever as well as intense rashes that can sometimes grow into lesions if not treated properly. The problem is, this disease often strikes in impoverished areas where the proper care isn't always readily available, and people suffering from a simple fever aren't properly treated. This can result in serious complications or even in death in a lot of cases. If you believe that your or someone you know is suffering from Dengue fever, contact a medical professional right away to get more information. As we've already mentioned, symptoms include a very high fever, itchy and discolored rashes over large parts of your body, skin lesions, as well as painful or achy joints and muscles, and headaches. Below, we've included some photos of patients who are suffering from Dengue fever so that you can have a point of reference to understand this viral disease and what it looks like when people have it.

As was mentioned before, Dengue fever is transmitted almost exclusively through mosquitoes in areas of Asia and Africa. Simple things like mosquito nets can make a huge difference in people's lives in terms of keeping them happy and healthy. Unfortunately, in many of those areas, even the most basic elements for disease control aren't available and it takes a constant and sustained effort from concerned people to work to educate the public on the causes of diseases like Dengue fever, as well as to secure and distribute the means to reduce the occurrence of this disease. This is a mosquito transmitting the disease from one person to another through sucking the blood of its victim.

Although Dengue fever normally presents as a slightly discolored area (could be a very large area of skin) covered in an ichy rash, it can also sometimes present in more extreme ways. The skin lesion here is painful and also potentially dangerous because of a lot of bleeding underneath the skin. This sort of reaction is rare, but also can happen a lot if the rashes and disease in general go untreated. Also, a lot of scratching or skin aggravation can lead to a lot of problems, though in this particular case, it was probably a combination of all three.

In some patients, people with Dengue fever can become really sick and experience a lot of bleeding, even into eye cavities like in this case. Broken capillaries and blood vessels in the eyes can cause serious problems for people and it can cause vision problems. This patient has experienced these bleeding symptoms and run into some very serious problems. This type of bleeding can be corrected and cured with the proper treatment, but hurry. Often, these types of more serious symptoms are indications that the disease has reached a pretty advanced phase and can mean that treatment needs to be administered very soon in order to prevent more permanent damage.

Perhaps the most common symptom of Dengue fever is the slightly discolored itchy rash. Usually, it begins in a small area around where the initial infection took place from the bug bite, but it can spread very quickly. This is a particularly bad case where the rash has spread completely over the person's skin all along their back, neck, and arms. The rash is extremely itchy and as you can see, slightly discolored red and also slightly raised above the skin. This patient will need to receive treatment right away both for the uncomfortable symptoms of the rash as well as for the fever itself as the rash progressing this far indicates that the disease has moved to a pretty advanced stage. Again, medical care at this stage is very, very important.

Here is a summary of all the symptoms we've talked about associated with Dengue fever. Take note of the headache, eye pain, and muscle aches along with the rash which is the most common symptom, along with fever. Back pain is another common symptom which usually accompanies the joint and muscle pain associated with the disease. This viral infection is very serious and we can't stress enough how important it is that you seek medical help immediately if you or someone you know has this disease, because although it is typically only found in parts of Asia and Africa, it can occur anywhere and all over the world in any person.

We hope this guide to information concerning Dengue fever has been helpful, and we hope these photos have provided valuable inisght into what some of these symptoms actually look like. All the photos and information are meant to be helpful to you, but bear in mind that although the information on this site comes from medical research, it is not written by or with the consultation of a doctor, and therefore should not be taken as medical fact. Instead, use the information and photos as a guideline to understanding some of the symptoms of Dengue fever so you are more informed about when you should call a doctor and what to tell him or her when  you talk.


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